Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Stuff of Nightmares.

It is the stuff of nightmares.

I’m standing outside my own home, my wife and children are huddled alongside me, and my precious baby granddaughter is asleep in the arms of my eldest.

I am peering through the window, and in the house - my house - are faceless thieves. They are methodically stealing everything I have worked for in life – stuffing it into a sack that is bottomless and seemingly able to hold anything they are capable of lifting. I don’t know why, but I am powerless to stop them, frozen in place and mute.

All my life I thought that I was protected from this. I thought that what I was witnessing was impossible; after all, I worked hard, I saved, I was a good citizen, charitable and community-minded. I was, along with my neighbors, my fellow Americans, enjoying the bounty of a carefully planted and nurtured garden. What did I do wrong?

This wasn’t supposed to be happening. There were locks on the doors, defenses in place. There was a magical document (I had seen it!) which guaranteed that what I was witnessing could never, ever happen in this country. My father, and countless other fathers, sons, brothers and loved ones, fought to defend that document, and far too many paid the ultimate price to ensure its safety for all future generations.

They didn’t want to die, but they did. For a few lines of ink on an old piece of paper.

I'm confused. I don’t understand why the ones who are supposed to be protecting me from this crime are instead standing guard at the door, so that I cannot stop the looting, stop the destruction. I chose those protectors, and I pay them – very well. They are supposed to look out for us, especially for my grandchild, so vulnerable, so trusting, and with her entire life ahead of her. Her name is Emma, and she sleeps on, blissfully, with no idea that I am watching them steal her future.

What will Emma have if they take everything?

I realized as I watched in stupefied horror that they are snatching up all the things that made the house my house. Little by little, into that cursed sack has gone the precious freedoms that made me unique, that made me an individual before the eyes of God and man, the freedoms that guaranteed that I could take care of my family – I, not the thieves – to the best of my abilities, the freedoms that guaranteed me the right to make my own choices in life, according to the dictates of my values and my conscience.

In stunned silence, I watch them as they substitute their cheap, ugly and degrading ideas for mine. As they work, they mumble about my "greed."

After a while, I cannot recognize my house – oh, the foundation is still there, but it’s cracked and all manner of damp mold is forming. The frame is racked and worm-holed, the roof leaks, the plumbing's rusted, the wiring frayed and dangerous.

It has become ugly. There is no secure life there anymore. There is no presence of God; no grace.

The house, once so strong and safe, is now vulnerable. Unlocked as it is, vagrants wander in and out, gleefully stealing what they can. The protectors tell me that these strangers, the ones who had no part in building the house or working to make it what it was, have as much right to be there, to help themselves to the fruits of my labor, as does the peacefully-sleeping child in the arms of my son.

I wonder when I will wake up. I will wake up, won't I? This is, after all, just a nightmare.


Virginia said...

Whoever thought that Halloween would really have spectres without masks. There they all are, in all their naked, frightening visages, populating the corridors of power in DC, in capitals in our states, in city halls throughout the country.

Well, except for Pelosi. IS that a mask, or not?

Frank S. said...

LOL, well said.

mr moosey said...

taxation with representation has become a nightmare.i for one have not given up.i've sent emails and postcards to almost the whole senate and i'm working on the house[of representatives].it is a nightmare FRANK is extremely close to reality.together we must stop the madness.i pray to GOD that we will win.

Marsha said...

I have never been so frightened in my life. When Pres. Obama was running for president he told the country to judge him by those people that surround him. Well, look who surrounds him. Most, if not all, are Marxists or Socialists. I think that he is a Marxist as well.

His is an administration of corruption and tax cheats. They are elitists who think they are above what's good for the common man. They deserve better. They wouldn't abide by ,if GOD forbid, Obamacare gets passed.

Congress is arrogant! They don't care that most of the country consider themselves Conservative and do not want the Public Health Option. They don't want government and beuracrates interfering or comming between them and their doctors. They think they know better than the individual. They want to have an underclass to appeal to so they can promise them all kinds of handouts therefore,retaining their power. They want POWER and MONEY!!!

Coach Joe Gold said...

I'm very afraid also. I've never thought that I would be a captive in this country 15 years ago, but things tend to change. Especially when a significant portion of society today espouses these poisonous collective ideas that Congress is pushing.

Someone once said that there is a grand cycle of things in the universe. A thing or idea starts out pure, over time gets corrupted, then, at a given time, the corruption turns into collapse. If you think about it, that is what happens when we age. That is what happens when the empires of the past collapse.

I hate to say this, but this might be the time when we are at the end of this paradigm and the collapse is inevitable. My goal through this time is to hopefully connect with like-minded people so that we can somehow restore the Consitution to a pure state when this cycle ends and another cycle begins. We have a LOT of work to do. And hopefully I can toss my hat into the ring to help restore the Constitution.

Virginia said...

Thank you, Coach Joe Gold, from the bottom of MY heart.

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