Monday, July 20, 2009

Think Nobody's Listening?

If any of your friends, neighbors or relatives roll their eyes when you tell them you're involved in the Tea Party movement, mention this piece from today's Wall Street Journal:
...on Friday a busload of freshmen Democrats went to the White House to plead their case against sharp tax increases with the president and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. The organizer was Rep. Gerald Connolly, the president of the freshman class whose Northern Virginia district is the richest in the U.S. as measured by median household income.

"There could come a time," said Rep. Michael McMahon, a freshman Democrat from New York City's borough of Staten Island, when Democrats are in open rebellion. "We will certainly see in the next few weeks where we are going." [snip]

For now, most freshmen aren't saying how they will vote on the House health-care bill. Mr. McMahon, whose New York district also includes parts of Brooklyn, said there is no open revolt, but there have been two meetings with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and there was the White House meeting Friday with Messrs. Obama and Emanuel. Taxes dominated what Mr. Connolly described as a cordial but inconclusive discussion.

"I spend all my time here making the case that the profile of the rich doesn't stand in my district," Mr. McMahon said. "People feel that they're getting hit from all sides."
Skeptics will say that you and I had nothing to do with it. Don't buy it. This was predicted in an email you received a few days ago if you are on the Tea Party mailing list:
This is Congressman McMahon's worst nightmare - an informed electorate who cares and is energized.

Do not be surprised if you see the Congressman expressing "deep concerns" about the health care bill, insinuating that he may not vote for it until he knows how it will be paid for. Ultimately, though, after some minor tweaks and fixes, he will toe the Obama/Pelosi line.
Think nobody's listening?


nygoe said...

McMahon has every reason to be scared.
Older white males sat out the 2008 election in large numbers because they couldn't bring themselves to vote for McCain.

That dynamic will be missing in the 2010 elections and that same demographic is righteously p.o.'ed.

Keep up the heat on all the Congress critters!

Check out for reports on Friday's actions on Long Island. You'll be happy you did!

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

Tax Day said...



RJP1666 said...

Thanks Frank. It's good to see that our efforts bear fruit. It can be lonely sometimes thinking you're the only person in your immediate circle jumping up and down screaming that the Emperor has no clothes.

Nico said...

A foreign object invades the host oyster and settles in, refusing to let go. Try as it might, the oyster cannot dislodge the particle, so in order to protect itself against the invader the oyster continuously coats the intruder with a substance called nacre. Over the course of time the oyster will be discovered, its defenses broken down, and pried open to reveal the invader which has manifested itself as a pearl.
Your efforts have become, as all the grassroots movements across the country are likely to become, an intruder beneath the veil of our elected officials. If the efforts continue, despite the constant attempts to marginalize them and cover them up, the usurpers of our government will be revealed for what they are, and we will be left with the pearl formed by the spirit of Americans like yourself who will not go silentlky into the night.


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