Monday, July 6, 2009

A Question for Congressman Mike.

Umm, Congressman, according to Section 431 of the ACES Act, “The Secretary (of Health and Human Services) shall formulate and administer the program provided for in this section, which shall be known as the ‘Energy Refund Program’, and under which eligible low-income households are provided cash payments to reimburse the households for the estimated loss in their purchasing power resulting from the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.”

How is it then that, in your canned response to those who took you to task on your vote, you can say, "New York households will save on average $5.58 per month in electricity costs and $8.00 a month in fuel costs within the next 10 years under the Energy Bill."

Oh, my.

Congressman, your canard was directly contradicted by the language of the bill. If you don't believe in private enterprise and the free-market system, why don't you just say so? If you believe that the ideal way to run the United States economy is through a central planning commission populated by a collection of inept federal bureaucrats, why don't you just say so?

Don't you know that it insults us when, and I hate to be crude, you pee on our legs and tell us it's raining?

You're not being straight with us, Congressman, and the word is getting out. These votes are defining you, and WILL NOT be forgotten, even when you occasionally vote against your leadership as a sop to your center-right constituents.


Virginia said...

Thank you, Frank, for addressing McMahon's canned response. Obviously, I got the same one. Love this part, "Fifty-five percent of the bill is allotted to consumer protection provisions so that Staten Islanders and Brooklynites will not face substantial increases to their utility bills." SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE will have to pay the freight for the effects of Cap-and-Trade. Anyone with a brain able to parse "consumer" can figure out where the buck stops.

We must all remember those figures stated by McMahon. They will be important in the next election.

xbravosxx said...

We must make our "congressman" aware that we are completely dissatisfied with his negligence and his desire to swing SI from it's conservative roots to a liberal swamp hole.

bantaxes said...

While we are at it I see that in addition to the increases we will pay because of McMahon's partisan vote for governmental intrusion into freedom, we also lost the Post Office. Funny, the last Congressperson didn't increase our taxes PLUS I will bet that Bush and Fosella the Postmarks would still read "Staten Island NY" and actually be handled here by Staten Islanders.

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