Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Today's a good day to put Washington, D.C. out of our minds, and think a bit about Washington - the original.

And John Adams, and Tom Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, and James Madison, and all the great men who pledged their lives and fortunes to create the single most unique and productive society in the history of history.

So many generations removed from the planting of the seed of independence, we who were born post-WWII grew up taking our rights for granted, didn't we? We believed freedom and individual liberty were the rule, not the exception. Until now.

Now we have to channel the passionate beliefs and determination of our founders in order to save the republic once again. If we lose it - or allow it to be taken from us - we cheapen the memory of hundreds of thousands of men and women who paid for our freedom with their lives.

And will it have been taken from us by a nefarious foe who defeats us through strength, determination and force of arms? No. In that there would be a certain honor.

Rather, we will have lost it to a gang of slugs and thugs, without a shot being fired.

Today would be a good day to think about the sacrifices made by those originals; that unique collection of men who were not asked to spend a few hours at a rally in the summer sun in a beautifully manicured park, but were asked to put their very lives on the line in the cause of freedom. When Ben Franklin said "We must all hang together, or we most assuredly will all hang separately," he wasn't just quipping - he was dead serious. For those men, failure meant certain death.

They put their lives on the line for themselves and their posterity - and we are their posterity. We speak of our fathers and grandfathers as the Greatest Generation. If we allow it all to slip away - what will they label this generation?


John said...

Thanks Frank.

Let's also remember we are an imigrant nation. Founded by imigrants who left the comforts of their surroundings to seek a new land. A land where oppression and the ability to practice your religion was without question. To practice without fear. To not fear persecution. The strength of character that was required to perform this heriic deed is both incomprehensible and unmeasurable.

As the son of an immigrant, I remember this portion of history as I celebrate today, the proudest day for our nation - the anniversary of our independence from the tyrannic rule of the English.

Frank S. said...

"The strength of character that was required to perform this heroic deed is both incomprehensible and unmeasurable."

Very well said, John. Thanks

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