Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Springs Into Action. Never Mind.

A 28 foot-boat bobs serenely in the Indian Ocean, carrying 4 armed Somali pirates and an American merchant ship's Captain. With the arsenal of democracy at his fingertips, the President of the United States has acted exactly as we might have predicted: he's talking to them.

The United States of America, the world's lone superpower, is negotiating with pirates; pirates who had earlier hijacked a ship flying the flag of the United States, and pirates who would still have that ship today if the American crew had not retaken it - a band of a few men with more raw courage than exists in this entire amateur endeavor we call an "Administration." America the weak sister: this is change we can believe in?

This humiliating standoff comes on the heels of a hectic week of bowing and scraping for our President, taking time out to flex his muscles on the international stage: Obama practically dared North Korea to launch a missile in defiance of United Nation Charter Chapter 7, which prohibits such an action.

Of course, in the face of this paper tiger, North Korea launched. Obama sprang into action. "Rules must be binding," he said. "Violations must be punished. Words must mean something. The world must stand together to prevent the spread of these weapons. Now is the time for a strong international response."

Was the violation punished? No. Did we prepare a strong international response? Umm, no, in fact, we could not even get a Security Council condemnation, what with the Russians and Chinese blocking even the most modest statement of disapproval.

So, since words must mean something, and the hoax known as the international community refused to act, President Obama boldly and unilaterally took action the day after the launch: he had his defense secretary announce draconian cuts to the defense budget. He discontinued deployment of the very interceptors which were designed to shoot down North Korean missiles.

Quite a week, Mr. President. Apologize for and denigrate the actions of your own country. Show the world continued weakness. Joe Biden was right when he predicted that the new President - and by extension, the American public - would be tested early and often. What he did not predict was the way our President would abjectly fail those tests.


Liberty said...

While the administration is "mulling" over what to do, they apparently got hungry and obama had pizza chef, Chris Sommers, flown in from St. Louis - a mere 850 miles away - to prepare pizzas for the White House! Maybe they can send pizzas over to the pirates and their captives. God save us from these people.

Tax Day said...

US Navy warships in a stand-off with a dingy - who would have ever thought that would happen. Hillary Clinton laughs and President Obama remains silent - not even the obglitory - "we are praying for his safe return and pur prayers are with him and his family"

Evan said...

And it turned out as well as humanly possible. Unlike past presidents, President Obama took time to see if they could negotiate the deal and when that didn't work he had the Navy take action using force. Had he gone in with force from the start it wouldn't, and couldn't, have ended better. Three pirates dead, one captured and a ship captain coming back home to his family.

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