The Staten Island Tea Party is unaffiliated with any group or organization, political or otherwise. We are a handful of ordinary Americans who call upon our friends and neighbors, our fellow citizens, to join us in raising their voices to their elected representatives. They must be made to know that we refuse to sit idly by and watch the destruction of all the values we hold so dear.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Ever Interview by Yours Truly...

Please be kind - I was very nervous.


Paul said...

Nice job Frank ! I can pass on Geraldo's commentary though.
An idea - The Orlando Tea Party had a Declaration Signing, a list based of the Declaration of Independence, that everyone signed. Any such thing planned at this point ?
Paul R

xbravosxx said...

great job my friend, great great job

it's Earth aka Aleks from resistnet

Laura said...

Excellent interview Frank, you stated evrything perfectly.

Arlene said...

great interview Frank, when is the next event?
Unfortunately i was unable to attend Dr appt
how did the protest go? any petitions signed?

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