Friday, April 3, 2009

Charles Krauthammer: Genius

What can I say? In a moment, I'm going to paste the first paragraph of Mr. Krauhammer's latest column; it is a breathtaking observation, which highlights in just a few succinct words what is happening in our country. And what is happening is this: Our constitution is being shredded on a daily basis by a radical executive branch, a criminally compliant Congress and a divided Supreme Court. (I mean, face it. If the second amendment is upheld by only A SINGLE VOTE, what safety net does this court really provide us? But I digress.)

Anyway, here is the paragraph:
Five minutes of explanation to James Madison, and he'll have a pretty good idea what a motorcar is (basically a steamboat on wheels; the internal combustion engine might take a few minutes more). Then try to explain to Madison how the Constitution he fathered allows the president to unilaterally guarantee the repair or replacement of every component of millions of such contraptions sold in the several states, and you will leave him slack-jawed.

Aren't all thinking Americans walking around a little "slack-jawed" these days? It seems impossible to me that any Administration could be this incompetent, which leaves us to draw an infinitely more frightening conclusion: this is not incompetence, it is a deliberate razing of the pricipals that made America, in words first uttered by Lincoln and later echoed by Reagan, "the last best hope of man on earth."

Make no mistake: this radical Administration has taken us on a forced March to Marxism. Ending this madness must be a bi-partisan effort. Ending this madness requires the people raising their voices to their elected representatives. We are not "anti" Congressman Michael McMahon, we are his supplicants.

Fight for us, Mike. No, not for a million bucks here or a million bucks there, or even for a few jobs - fight to preserve our country, our freedom and our way of life.


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