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We ask you to join us at NOON on TAX DAY - Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 - in front of the offices of CONGRESSMAN MICHAEL McMAHON to protest his support of the radical agenda of President Obama and his cohorts, Reid and Pelosi. Our demonstration will take place in front of 265 New Dorp Lane, at the corner of Edison Street.

Bring your signs, banners and flags. We, the citizens of Staten Island, NY, MUST make our voices heard to our representatives.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

We calls 'em like we sees 'em....

...and we call Congressman Michael McMahon "SAFE AT HOME" for his NO vote on a bill that will enact illegal, punitive taxation against those individuals that received contractual bonuses in the AIG debacle. Distancing himself from the hard-left members of his party earns our kudos and commendations.

Who knows? More independent thinking like this and perhaps the good Congressman will come out and demonstrate WITH us in front of his offices at noon on Tax Day, protesting the not-to-be-believed trillion dollar deficits that the Obama administration is foisting upon generations of Americans as we lurch sickeningly towards European-style socialism.

The thought that Congress can legislate punishment for private citizens because they find their LEGAL actions to be odious smacks of big-brotherism on a scale never before imagined in the United States. This Congress continues to ignore the Constitution in the most shocking manner, and bills like this can only be a pre-cursor to other legislation curtailing the rights and liberties Americans have enjoyed since our country was founded. Heck, perhaps they'll decide to tax the incomes of certain radio talk-show hosts at a 95% rate. That'll shut 'em up.


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