Welcome to the blogspot of the Staten Island Tax Day Tea Party. We are not affiliated with any organization; we are simply a group of AMERICAN CITIZENS who refuse to sit idly by and watch the destruction of all the values we hold so dear.

We ask you to join us at NOON on TAX DAY - Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 - in front of the offices of CONGRESSMAN MICHAEL McMAHON to protest his support of the radical agenda of President Obama and his cohorts, Reid and Pelosi. Our demonstration will take place in front of 265 New Dorp Lane, at the corner of Edison Street.

Bring your signs, banners and flags. We, the citizens of Staten Island, NY, MUST make our voices heard to our representatives.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"No Pork On my Watch..." Yeah. Right.


shibumi2 said...

Let the debate begin to decide if this nation can survive another round of conservative philosophy which has brought us to where we are today or if we are ready to return to those conserving liberal traditions that brought us following WWIIthe greatest economic prosperity in the history of the world and the strongest middle class ever. Go Mike McMahon in realizing that government enables capitalism and people to pursue profit and potential and that free markets and free people do not exist without a responsible and responsive government...


Frank S. said...

The constitution "enables" capitalism, not the government. And what this nation needs to survive is a return to conservative, free-market principals; those are the things that made this country great.

It was the Liberal/Collectivist programs foisted upon this country by a RINO/Dem controlled Congress that got us into the mess we are in today.

One thing we DO agree on is that we need a responsible and responsive government - hence these nationwide tax-day protests.

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