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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New proposal would “prohibit unreasonable and excessive compensation and compensation not based on performance standards...”

Well, there it is. It's called the "Pay for Performance Act of 2009," and if you haven't heard of it, that's because, well, not very many folks have been talking about it. This piece of stealth Marxism is brought to us by the lovely and vivacious Barney Frank and his backup band, the House Financial Services Committee.

In short, this measure would permit the government to impose controls on the pay of all employees of a company that has received bailout money, a.k.a. "a capital investment by the U.S. government." And not just top execs, either; in this case "all" means all, even the rank and file employees. The bill directs the Treasury Department, a.k.a. Tim Geithner, to evaluate “the performance of the individual executive or employee to whom the payment relates.”

Wouldn't you know that this little dandy would be retroactive, too, meaning that employment contracts in place wouldn't be worth the paper upon which they're written. Destruction of the sanctity of the contract seems to be an Obama Administration forte.

If you're thinking to yourself that this cannot possibly be constitutional, I'd say you're on target. If you're looking around to find the outrage, I'd say keep looking, even though you're not likely to find it.

Where is the outrage, indeed. Where are the Republican press conferences about this usurpation of power? Where is the Republican media blitz condemning this headlong dive into Marxism? Sadly, nowhere to be found.


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